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Patricia Spellen

Patricia Spellen Recommends Her Favorite Restaurant


Patricia SpellenPatricia Spellen knows that good food is one of life’s great pleasures, so she goes out of her way to discover the little places in her area that serve delicious dishes and boast a wonderful ambiance. Breaking bread together is one of the most basic ways that human beings enjoy each other’s company, and it is always good to have some excellent options to choose from when it is time to bring friends and family out.


Patricia Spellen is particularly partial to the Ruth Chris Steakhouse located in Bethesda, Maryland, which in her experience invariably combines excellent ambiance, delicious food, and friendly yet professional service. In addition to offering live fresh grilled lobster and other excellent entrees, Ruth Chris shines through with its delicious sides. The bread pudding, sweet potato casserole, and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce are all recommended.


Patricia Spellen has a weak spot for seafood, and will never turn down an invitation to an excellent seafood restaurant. Seafood, more than any other food (except for maybe sushi) requires visiting a high quality restaurant, especially in areas far from the animals’ natural habitats. O’Donnells Seafood in the Kentlands community in Gaithersburg receives top marks, with it succulent live lobster stuffed with crab meat and loaded mashed potatoes.


Patricia Spellen knows that often one must search far and wide to find excellent food—it’s a big world out there! For those who haven’t, like her, lived in Toronto, she recommends the Whaler’s Wharf, which combines a wonderful ambiance with top-notch food. Basically everything they serve there is excellent, which is why their seafood platter is such a hit.


Patricia Spellen doesn’t only dine on seafood, however—far from it! And one of her favorite restaurants is Miss Lily’s Jamaican Fusion, which is located in Greenwich Village, the famous vibrant little neighborhood in southern Manhattan. Jerked grilled corn with toasted coconut is amazing there, as is the achee fruit and saltfish jaquitos. The vegan bushman plate—jerk seitan, quinoa, stir-fried vegetables, and callaloo—is to die for. And, of course, one shouldn’t leave New York without trying the grilled lobster, known as the “Chef Denzil Special.”


Patricia Spellen isn’t always dining at sit-down restaurants—she sometimes allows herself to indulge in junk food. When she does, she loves a fruit smoothie, such as a mango/pineapple smoothie. She prefers tart to sweet in the smoothie department. She also enjoys a bowl of maple oatmeal when she is in the mood for a quick, easy, hearty snack. And she won’t say no to a grilled chicken Southwest salad from McDonald’s.

When it comes to taste food, Patricia Spellen is an expert in choosing delectable food. She considers food not just a source of living, but the greatest pleasure of life. To fuel her passion to taste food, she goes out of the way to find food outlets and places, where they serve delicious dishes. She believes that eating together has been the reason to flourish human relationships.

Her profile leader bio portrays that she is the best among food connoisseurs. She loves all kinds of food, but she shows partiality to the dishes served at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Bethesda, Maryland. Patricia’s bio reveals that she has a soft spot for sea food. Sea food scintillates her taste buds and she has never out down an invitation from any restaurant serving sea food. In her quest to search delicious delicacies, Patricia has pushed herself to travel to places far away from her home.


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